How to Hire Marketing Technologists

How to Hire Marketing Technologists


To be successful when hiring marketing technologists, we need to understand the marketing technology (MarTech)landscape, who works with MarTech and where we can find MarTech professionals.

Understanding the MarTech Landscape:

Of all the lines between technology and professions that are being blurred, marketing is perhaps the area that has been impacted the most.

Long gone are the days when marketing was the team in the corner of the room that produced a pamphlet or organised tea & coffee for a client meeting. I believe, marketing is the most exciting to work in.

Marketing is experiencing huge change from a host of technologies that are being introduce to the market every single day. We only have to glance at Scott Brinker's famous Marketing Technology Supergraphics to get an idea for the astonishing rate at which new marketing technologies (MarTechs) are being released.

In 2011, just 150 marketing technology companies were identified. In 2018, close to 7,000 martech businesses are offering tools to marketers.

That's growth of 4,500%! 

So, how does your business harness this growth? Well, they'll probably look to hire a Marketing Technologist.

Who is a Marketing Technologist?

Put crudely - and as it says on the tin - a Marketing Technologist is a professional that combines marketing with technical skills.

A Marketing Technologist has a technical understanding of how to design and manage systems and software. What sets them apart from a usual technologist (system admin or developer) is their knowledge of how to apply technologies to marketing. They can use technology to create compelling campaigns through digital channels which build better digital relationships with clients.

Often, Marketing Technologists are involved in projects that bring about transformation and change to business. For this to be a success, first and foremost, Marketing Technologists need to be excellent communicators. They need to consult with colleagues in identify and map a set of marketing processes that can be enhanced with martech. They'll then need the technical skills to help implement the technology before turning up their people skills again to persuade users why the change is a good idea and how people can make the best use of it.

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Where can I find a Marketing Technologist?

Given the recent emergence of these skills, true Marketing Technologists are rare and can be tricky to identify. 

Since Marketing Technologists have a blend of technical & marketing skills, often you'll need to identify either a) marketing people that love playing around with tech, or, b) technical people that have an understanding of how tech can create epic marketing solutions.

Often, this isn't immediately identifiably from running a LinkedIn search or using a job board. Speaking with a range of individuals and asking about their specific skills and motivations is the best way to ensure that when you have MarTech vacancy, you can fill it quickly.

We find the most success from playing an active part in the Marketing Technology industry. We sponsor & host meetups that get the community together. Here's Matt, our UK Lead, sporting a new Pardot hoodie at the Pardot London meetup: