Influence Of Social Media When Finding A Job

Influence Of Social Media When Finding A Job


Recruiters and Social Media

  • 90% of recruiters use social networking sites to screen prospective employees

  • 70% of the recruiters surveyed admitted that they had rejected candidates because of what they saw about them on networking sites

  • 70% of the recruiters confirmed that they had hired a candidate because of what they saw about them on a site

  • 50% of recruiters looked at social networking sites at the initial application stage to screen prospective employees


Job Searching

More than half of the UK’s companies are using the influence of social media to screen potential employees.

Bear in mind which sites recruiters target and format your profile efficiently, using paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points make your profile easily readable.

Online first impressions matter so maximise your potential and display your skills. For example if you write a blog connected to your field of employment, link this to your profile.  Current and up-to-date knowledge is fundamental in order to recognise industry trends and this should emphasise a candidate’s enthusiasm.

Today social media sites are crucial in order to gather and exchange online connections and to support and encourage others in pursuance of employment.  Do not always consider how networking can benefit you personally, but how you may help others because every contributor must bear responsibility for maintaining effectiveness and results for employers and talent alike.


Consider The Following


Many employers use Facebook to promote their brand and graduate programmes. it is a way of getting relevant up to date information about a company. Therefore make use of it and if interviewed you will come across well informed as regards company knowledge.


With  over 90 million members worldwide, Linkedin delivers an opportunity for anyone to network online with professionals from a variety of employment divisions.  It’s imperative that your LinkedIn pages markets you to your full potential like an online cv. You want to stand out therefore list any outstanding achievements.


Youtube is the second largest search engine so take advantage to interact and receive advice from people who may have a similar work-background, shared interest in job opportunities or desired career paths. You can get a first-hand insight into what a certain company may expect from their employees.  The ability to connect with people online should provide a realistic assessment of what areas of employment and companies are expanding.


Take the opportunity to follow companies, brands or people this can give you a clear understanding of current issues and you can use your own tweets to state your own interest in a job, company or curiosity in developing your career path.




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